About Chanda

Chanda Swanson is an esthetician, Reiki Master, and intuitive energy healer, and is currently apprenticing to become a shaman. Her interest in aesthetics surfaced during her theater studies in college, when she began doing theater makeup for stage actors. She began her career doing makeup in a Chicago salon and moved on to work for Aveda for several years. She relocated to Denver in 2000, graduated from Antoine du Chez Academy, and later opened Breathe by Chanda. “I come to work and make people feel good about themselves everyday, and it changed my life.”

The daughter of a minister, Chanda grew up in a spiritually rich environment, and at a young age displayed a specific gift to connect with that spiritual realm – specifically to see and communicate with spirits. Her first memories are of playing in her room with angels, who were her closest childhood friends. As a young child, she didn’t think that there was anything unusual about her abilities, but eventually she began to shut them off as she experienced others’ fear and skepticism. It was not until high school that Chanda finally realized the extent of her clairvoyance and began to actively seek guidance and answers that would further awaken her intuitive awareness. No longer afraid to show her abilities, Chanda now offers Intuitive Counseling sessions, during which she is able to communicate with spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed.

Chanda has always recognized her strength as a healer and was drawn to non-traditional healing methods as well as energy healing. She began receiving reiki treatments several years ago, and during that time her intuitive abilities became noticeably stronger. She sought lessons in reiki, eventually becoming a reiki Master in 2008 and adding reiki energy healing to her list of services. Chanda admits that she performs reiki healing on all clients that enter her studio. “I always knew that my destiny was to be a healer, but reiki defined it for me.” Chanda is a certified Master Teacher of Reiki and is now accepting students.  Please call for more information about learning opportunities.